Preventative Care

Here are a couple tips we recommend to ensure proper preventative care:

1. Avoid drinking water that is overly fluoridated water. This can cause spotting of the enamel of the teeth.

2. Schedule regular dental appointments. We recommend care every 6 months to maintain a healthy mouth.

Are you a candidate for dental sealants?

What are dental sealants? They protect occlusal surfaces which in turn prevents bacterial growth and increases the likelihood that the surface will remain smooth and clean. Historically, children and teenagers in the cavity-prone years are ideal candidates. They can also be used for patients with decreased salivation and are under orthodontic care. Ask your dental team if a sealant is right for you.

Space Maintainers:

These are custom-made appliances to maintain the necessary space in the mouth for permanent teeth. These hold a space and keep other teeth from entering the space that is needed for the permanent tooth when it starts to grow in. This treatment is used to lessen or remove the need for orthodontic care for your child after the teeth have grown in. These also encourage accurate development of the jaw bone and muscles.

Fluoride Treatment:

Before explaining the treatment aspect, it is important that one understands what fluoride is. Fluoride is an ion coming from Fluorine. It can be applied topically or ingested during development of the teeth. This ion assists in preventing tooth decay and overall improve the health of teeth.

Fluoride is found in strong quantities and concentrations in many places such as toothpastes and mouth rinse. It is also found in many solutions provided by dental providers.

Systemic fluoride is found in more common, day-to-day items such as water, tea, dietary supplements, and several others.

It is important to call your local water department to determine the level of fluoride in the water that you are ingesting. Children are much more sensitive to fluoride as they are still developing their dental health. 

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